An error occured while fetching the charm source for this review.

Command: charm pull ~ibmcharmers/xenial/ibm-db2-re-0 /tmp/327

Error: ERROR cannot get archive: cannot get discharge from "": cannot start interactive session: invalid OAuth credentials


Owner: achittet
Status: Needs Review
Vote: +0 (+2 needed for approval)

CPP?: No
OIL?: No

This charm is for IBM DB2 RE and the source can be find the below link.

Repo :


Substrate Status Results Last Updated
aws RETRY 19 days ago
lxc RETRY 19 days ago
gce RETRY 19 days ago

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Policy Checklist

Description Unreviewed Pass Fail


Must verify that any software installed or utilized is verified as coming from the intended source.
  • Any software installed from the Ubuntu or CentOS default archives satisfies this due to the apt and yum sources including cryptographic signing information.
  • Third party repositories must be listed as a configuration option that can be overridden by the user and not hard coded in the charm itself.
  • Launchpad PPAs are acceptable as the add-apt-repository command retrieves the keys securely.
  • Other third party repositories are acceptable if the signing key is embedded in the charm.
Must provide a means to protect users from known security vulnerabilities in a way consistent with best practices as defined by either operating system policies or upstream documentation.
Basically, this means there must be instructions on how to apply updates if you use software not from distribution channels.
Must have hooks that are idempotent.
Should be built using charm layers.
Should use Juju Resources to deliver required payloads.

Testing and Quality

charm proof must pass without errors or warnings.
Must include passing unit, functional, or integration tests.
Tests must exercise all relations.
Tests must exercise config.
set-config, unset-config, and re-set must be tested as a minimum
Must not use anything infrastructure-provider specific (i.e. querying EC2 metadata service).
Must be self contained unless the charm is a proxy for an existing cloud service, e.g. ec2-elb charm.
Must not use symlinks.
Bundles must only use promulgated charms, they cannot reference charms in personal namespaces.
Must call Juju hook tools (relation-*, unit-*, config-*, etc) without a hard coded path.
Should include a tests.yaml for all integration tests.


Must include a full description of what the software does.
Must include a maintainer email address for a team or individual who will be responsive to contact.
Must include a license. Call the file 'copyright' and make sure all files' licenses are specified clearly.
Must be under a Free license.
Must have a well documented and valid
Must describe the service.
Must describe how it interacts with other services, if applicable.
Must document the interfaces.
Must show how to deploy the charm.
Must define external dependencies, if applicable.
Should link to a recommend production usage bundle and recommended configuration if this differs from the default.
Should reference and link to upstream documentation and best practices.


Must not run any network services using default passwords.
Must verify and validate any external payload
  • Known and understood packaging systems that verify packages like apt, pip, and yum are ok.
  • wget | sh style is not ok.
Should make use of whatever Mandatory Access Control system is provided by the distribution.
Should avoid running services as root.